About Untimely Criticism:

I love books. I love the movies; I love literature and television and theater; I love magazines, print media, online journalism, and subversive fashion blogs. And just as much as I love these things, I love thinking and talking and writing about what makes them smart or funny or brave; why a film or a show or a book communicates an idea effectively, or why it falls short.

The trouble is, there’s always something new to read. Innovative, original shows seem to premiere weekly, and binge as I might, I never seem to catch up on all the shows and episodes I want to see. Movie tickets are expensive, so I usually wait to see them until I can rent them or stream them through Netflix or Amazon. By the time I’ve seen a new show or movie, or read a new book, it’s usually much too late for me to pitch a review or critical essay to a publication. I don’t begrudge the 24-hour news cycle—we all want to read show recaps and think-pieces hours after an episode has aired—but when I watch or read something interesting, I hate to keep my thoughts to myself. This blog is home to my untimely criticism.

About The Untimely Critic:

Hi! My name is Emily Frisella. I grew up in Oregon, attended Wellesley College in Massachusetts and spent a year at the University of Oxford; after college, I moved to New York, and then to London, where I work as a bookseller and freelance writer, editor, and academic writing coach. I love learning and writing about history, literature, politics, and pop-culture, and I am especially drawn to the places where they intersect. My poetry and nonfiction have appeared in Cicada, Skipping Stones, The Adroit Journal, the Plath Poetry Project, Foundry, Popmatters, The Establishment, and elsewhereYou can find links to my work here.